Erbe, arbusti, alberi per il corpo e lo spirito

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Erbe, arbusti, alberi per il corpo e lo spirito - Giancarlo Fantini

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ISBN: 978-88-943484-0-8


Decades of experience in the field and teaching have allowed the author to write a manual that brings together the wisdom of experience, the skills of the teacher, the curiosity of the experimenter and the sensitivity of the artist.

With his book Giancarlo Fantini (painter gardener) takes us into the world of plants, helps us to understand their life, needs and what the purpose of their existence is. His great experience gives us the necessary knowledge to give the best to our plants and therefore get the best from them.

So not a simple guide, but a story that accompanies us in this fascinating and ancient world that has created the conditions for the development of animal life and therefore of man.

Getting to know the plant world has never been so interesting and compelling.

Topics covered in the volume:

    Why organic or natural

    How plants live

    Why do plants get sick

    Parasites and pesticides

    Fertilizers, soil, tools and cultivation techniques

    Reproduction and multiplication of plants

    Sowing, transplanting, rotation and intercropping

    Schedule of work in the vegetable garden and orchard

    The main horticultural and fruit species

    Plants indoors and in containers

    Turf and ground cover

    Pruning of evergreens, hedges, fruit trees and flowering shrubs

    Moon yes, moon no



Erbe, arbusti, alberi...

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