Il Babi Editore

"The art of writing towards a new world"

We are a small independent publishing house and to identify ourselves we have chosen a toad (Babi in Vercelli dialect is the toad). An animal friend of natural agriculture, which lives in the water, but also on the land that jumps, so it also lives a little in the air. These multiple aspects, always surprising, also characterize our editorial production.

The art of writing towards a new world, starting from our territory; in fact our authors live in Piedmont and tell us about nature, life choices, human beings, physical and fantastic journeys, cuddles for children. But of course political boundaries cannot stop culture and the desire to share knowledge, stories and worlds that are not just what we see.

For three years we have edited, published and distributed the magazine Vivere Sostenibile Alto Piemonte, which provided monthly information on the environmental sustainability of not only productive activities in Piedmont. All this has allowed us to discover the desire to write, tell, explain, illustrate many people, some of whom until yesterday would never have thought of becoming the authors of a book. Having concluded that path, we did not stop: we persevered in proposing an innovative vision of the world in which we live, telling, thanks to our authors, a different Italy, a way of life that brings to light old knowledge and new visions.

Our books talk about diversity, acceptance, change, open-mindedness, naturalness and nature, rediscovered vital rhythms, people, spirituality. Our catalog is varied and never closed on a specific topic or area. After all, knowledge is like this, everything is interconnected and ignoring a part risks not understanding the whole.

We are currently distributed by DirectBook and Fastbook, but you can also order our books directly from our website or by contacting us by email or telephone.


enrico marone            giulia marone         margeaux santarelli

Enrico - L'editore

Publishing was a necessary step to spread the knowledge and experiences of the people I surround myself with: lovers and protectors in nature, ecologists and outsiders who live life differently.


Giulia - Grafica, Illustratrice e Fotografa

I love sign and drawing, reading and informing myself. I use my artistic training by putting myself at the service of projects in which I believe.


Margeaux - Correttrice di bozze

I read, for pleasure and for work, all day. Ask me for any definition of crosswords: I know all the answers.

Our choices

Our books are like us: simple, clean, sometimes experimental. Few traits identify us, the essential ones, which reach the roots.

This is why we have made some particular aesthetic choices.

The aesthetic choices

Ivory paper, linear and harmonic text, our toad on the back.

If choosing a cover is complex, choosing a visual editorial line even more.

We wanted something that followed our thinking: nature, instinct, simplicity, delicacy, but also strength. Something unique and original that distinguished us from all other books.

Creativity is something unique and therefore who better than an artist could fulfill our dreams?

And so, the engraving became part of the soul of the publisher Babi.