Let's get to know each other better

We are a small independent publishing house and to identify ourselves we have chosen a nice toad.

The reason is obvious (no, it is not, we will explain it to you): because it is a symbolic animal that binds water and earth, because its evolution is fascinating, from a small dot to a flickering black semicolon, which closes, but leaves open, the speeches. To then put paws and jump in and out of the water.
The Babi = toad, from the Piedmontese dialect.

The Babi also represents us because he is the one who helps the rice fields in their growth in a natural way, by eating harmful insects. And like him, we too want to be a channel that respects nature and that enhances the resources of our territory, Piedmont, without excluding others. Here our first editorial projects were born.

For 3 years we have in fact edited, published and distributed the magazine Vivere Sostenibile Alto Piemonte, which provided monthly information on the environmental sustainability of non-productive activities in the Piedmont area. All this has allowed us to discover the desire to write, tell, explain, illustrate many people, some of whom until yesterday would never have thought of becoming the authors of a book. So, having concluded that path, we did not stop: we persevered in proposing an alternative vision of the world in which we live, telling, thanks to our authors, a different Italy, a way of life that brings to light old knowledge and new views.

Our books talk about diversity, acceptance, change, open-mindedness, naturalness and nature, rediscovered vital rhythms, people. Our catalog is varied and never closed on a specific topic or area. After all, knowledge is like this, everything is interconnected and ignoring a part risks not understanding the whole.

We have also decided not to be simple paid publishers (with all due respect for those who perform this function), but to take care of the selection of the works, of editing for their improvement, of layout and proofreading, of choose non-trivial and possibly ecological materials, to promote the works we follow.
All this by learning every day some new rules, some tricks, some surprising news about this ancient craft.

We arrive extensively on the territory through meetings, workshops, events. We are distributed in libraries, but you can find us easily on the main distribution web platforms and on this site.

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