Lontano da Farinetti

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Lontano da Farinetti - Fabio Balocco

prefazione di Marco Revelli

176 pagine

ISBN: 978-88-943484-1-5


“Stories that must be told, because they speak of a different way of living the present and imagining the future”.

Marco Revelli

"Away from Farinetti" by Fabio Balocco

meetings in the territory recently declared by Unesco, a World Heritage Site, with people far from the big capital and close to nature and tradition.

Sixteen stories of people and families who have chosen to leave the usual way of life, who have made even demanding but deeply felt choices, who relate to others (men or animals or plants) in a balanced and peaceful way. A parallel with life in big cities is impossible, they are worlds too different, yet many of them come from there. Fabio Balocco introduces us in his encounters to ways and worlds that in some cases we thought have disappeared, instead they exist and are linked to choices that have a powerful and simple, basic inner strength. The words of the people interviewed reveal a serenity which, despite the daily difficulties, gives them the strength to continue, to broaden their knowledge, to transfer an awareness that comes from daily experience and from living the rhythms of nature. In none of them there is closure in themselves but, on the contrary, they are often the promoters of actions of sharing, dialogue and exchange. Not being crushed by a life defined by others is possible, they are doing it.



Lontano da Farinetti

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