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Natureat Magazine is the first digital magazine with over 50 plant-based recipes published by Il Babi Editore.

Born from the idea of ​​the personal chef and creator of recipes Patrizia Saccente, @natureatfood has become a real Visual Magazine!

Thanks to the collaboration of numerous foodbloggers, nutrition experts, direct and unpublished interviews with people who have made their lives a manifesto of sustainable change, Natureat Magazine will lead you into the world of food that is aware and respectful of nature and its rhythms.

The Magazine, in addition to informing you, will entertain you with stories for the little ones and will flood you with colors: our illustrator and graphic designer has created customized images for each page, and filled the others with photographs that will make your mouth water.

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EPUB - ideal for tablets and ebook readers

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NaturEat Magazine

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