Non di sola roccia

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31 stories in which the mountain is the background and at times it becomes the real protagonist. They are tales of places, emotions, sensations often experienced at high altitude from Monte Rosa to Everest. They are extravagant stories, dreams, real events, legends narrated by mountain guides, climbers, nature lovers or by men who lived in the past who invite the reader on a kaleidoscopic journey through eras, dreams and real events in the company of heroes, donkeys and rebels who go their own way without taking themselves too seriously.

But Enrico Serino goes further, he makes us identify with objects, inhuman beings that we think are static, but who feel, see, live, breathe, teaching us to look around and that "man does not live by rock alone".

The stories are also interspersed with drawings, pyrography, photos, color or black and white paintings that amplify the emotions that the stories arouse in the reader.

Click here to see the author in action! On his You Tube channel a series of small promotional and adventure videos on rock.



Non di sola roccia

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